About Me - Zoltán Gali

My greatest motive and ultimate task is to capture the uniqueness and individuality of every person, every moment and every product for You.

I grew up in Hungary but after two unsuccessful spells at the university I moved to England at the age of 26. I’ve spent seven years there working whilst trying to find “my thing”. However, soon I discovered my passion for photography and dedicated all my free time to improve my skills. I studied photography at Westminster University with the British Academy of Photography in London. During this time I photographed various events at the Soho House and began to do more and more photography jobs for other companies. I’ve gained experience in event, wedding and commercial photography.

After I've acquired British citizenship and UK passport I started traveling through Southeast Asia practicing and working as a photographer. Since then I'm mainly specialized in real estate and lifestyle photography.

My journey ends in March 2020 and I will move to Berlin to start working as a freelancer there.

The world has so much to offer and I am always trying to capture the deeper essence of everything.
Photography has filled me from the beginning, gave me the chance to reflect on myself, be creative and independent while creating something unique.

I’m very grateful for where I am today.